What is It?

It is graphic design. Creative work. Typography. Page layout. Advertising. Photography. Illustration. Printing. Brand identity. Logo creation. Complex hardware and software. You know, digital stuff.

Kelleher•Creative is a full-service operation consisting of one person with a lot of stuff and many years of experience. I collaborate with some very talented people in related fields, and together we accomplish some great things. Sometimes it's just me, but other times it's others working with me, and we can slot in more talent when the need calls
for it. We know some good service providers as well, so printing, finishing or any type of production is not a problem. We do everything, and we can get it done reasonably.

Print is not dead! We're doing a lot of print projects of all sizes from conception to finished piece. We can handle all phases of production, so why not get that brochure or sales piece done you've been avoiding. Let us help you put a little jolt in the economy.

My existential creative mantra:
I envision, I brainstorm, I research, I create, I design, I shoot, I write, I edit, I layout,
I illustrate, I type, I kern, I print, I post, I save, I troubleshoot, I pray, I rock,
I repurpose, I post, therefore I am. (Still working on shortening this.)

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