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The stylized "K" used as the Kelleher•Creative graphic identifier was drawn by the eminent American typographer Frederic Goudy. He created this and 25 other letters for the venerable American Type Founders (A.T.F.) in 1918. The rest of this pseudo-alphabet was in response to the "O" he had drawn for the opening of his book entitled "The Alphabet," published that same year. This so-called 26-letter alphabet was named Cloister Initials, 144-point brass matrices were manufactured and the hot metal font was sold for a number of years by A.T.F. (The matrix was used to produce the lead type that would be set in typesetting machines.) Goudy was the Type Director for the Lanston Monotype Company from 1920 until his death in 1947 at the age of 82.

Many years and many mergers, acquisitions and divestitures later, the noted master printer and typographer Gerald Giampa purchased what was left of the Lanston Type Company and moved the business to Canada in 1988. Giampa was a Postscript pioneer and began the process of digitizing many of the classic fonts in the collection. P22 type foundry purchased the library in 2004, and they plan to rework the designs with the latest technology improvements. Giampa sadly passed away in June of 2009.

My version of this classic "K" comes from EPS files on floppy disks sent to me by Mr. Giampa in the early nineties. There are some flaws in the early digitization, these have been cleaned up and color has been applied to the letter itself. I have used this "K" for many years personally, and it featured prominently in homemade documents as old as our wedding program. It has always struck me as strikingly beautiful, hand-drawn as it was, and so well proportioned. It may not make much of a statement to my creativity, but it is difficult to improve on perfection. This letter and its companions have always seemed perfect to me. I am grateful for those who have been the stewards of this piece of art that comes to us from the golden age of typography, so many years ago.


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